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Processing Images for the Museum Web Page

Most of the images on this web site have been modified in one or more ways. With the exception of original photographs taken with a digital camera, Museum personnel scan the original photograph or document and then provide the digitized copy to the webmaster. The web master, John-Pierre M. Hannam. Sr., of the Directorate of Logistics, may then modify the digitized copies to make them more suitable for viewing on this Museum web site. For example, he may crop or resize content to fit the screen, remove color casts or yellowing, modify images to minimize distortion and lens aberrations, increase or decrease image contrast, or digitally remove or reduce artifacts and noise. On rare occasions, he may edit out a distracting or extraneous item in a photograph if it detracts from the subject matter. Finally, the webmaster may digitally combine several images to create a pleasing composite graphic.

The original photographs (prints or negatives), artwork, documents, and artifacts are in the possession of Museum personnel and are never touched in any way by the webmaster.

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