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Tank School Detachment (Colored)

Under authorization granted by the adjutant General's Office in April 1930, the Tank School Detachment (Colored) was organized at the Tank School, Fort George G. Meade, MD. The nucleus of this detachment (four sergeants, six corporals and three privates) was transferred from the 24th Infantry at Fort Benning, Georgia on September 5, 1930. Also transferred to the detachment were six other enlisted men of the various colored organizations in the Army, all of whom had specifically requested the transfer.

Among the men transferred from Fort Benning was Sergeant Frank Toomer. While a member of the 24th Infantry, Sgt. Toomer had been selected as the most outstanding Infantryman in that organization and his picture was hung in the Office of the Chief of Infantry along with the pictures of the other outstanding Infantry soldiers.

The goal of the men in the detachment was to create a "Corps d'Elite". With this aim in mind, only soldiers with outstanding prior service in one of the various colored regiments were considered for enlistment in this detachment.

At a time when segregation was legally enforced and discrimination was the rule, the men of this detachment performed their duties with unquestioning loyalty and distinction.

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