Personnel Operations Branch

Chief, Operations Branch: 301-677-2966
Casualty Operations Coordinator: 301-677-2594
Casualty/Mortuary Affairs:?301-677-2902 or 301-677-4038
Personnel Actions:?301-677-7036
Fax: 301-677-6495


Casualty and Mortuary Affairs

2234 Huber Road, Second Floor, Room 202

Casualty Operations Coordinator: 301-677-2594
Casualty/Mortuary Affairs:?301-677-2902 or 301-677-4038

References: AR 600-8-1, Army Casualty Program, 30 April 2007


  • Casualty Assistance Center (CAC) receives notification of casualty, obtains information, and prepares casualty report for submission to HRC.
  • When notification to Next of Kin is required, CAC immediately contacts commanders and Chaplain Office to provide members for notification team.
  • Commanders must provide a Casualty Notification Officer (CNO) within 1 hour of notice.? Chaplain Office provides chaplain within 1 hour of notice.
  • Assemble, brief, and dispatch notification team within 2 hours of notification of Active Duty death.? When necessary, coordinate with other Army agencies (i.e., USAR, ARNG, etc.) to make notification in distant locations in our (CAC) area of operations. 
  • HRC is advised when notification is completed.
  • Upon notification of a Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO) requirement, CAC contacts MSC commanders in tasking cycle for a CAO.
  • Commanders must provide a CAO within 1 hour of notice.? NOTE:? Our CAC requests for CNO and CAO support at the same time.
  • CAC appoints briefs and dispatches CAO for duty.
  • Commanders must provide our CAC timely information concerning casualty matters when requested.

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Funeral support

The Fort Meade CAC processes funeral requests. To request funeral support please fill out this form.

Line of Duty Investigations (LOD)

2234 Huber Road, Second Floor, Room 202

301-677-2902, 301-677-4038, 301-677-4056, 301-677-0703 or 301-677-2206

References: AR 600-8-4

Informal investigations are completed within 30 days of receipt.? 100% of formal investigations are completed within 75 days of receipt.? Some may take longer depending on circumstances, this refers to death cases.


  • The Personnel Operations Branch receives LOD from units and tasks appropriate commander to appoint an investigating officer to complete the investigation.
  • Our office processes completed formal LODs with final approval/authentication and makes distribution.
  • Our office approves informal LODs and makes appropriate distribution.
  • Some casualties occur for Soldiers not assigned to Fort Meade but are in the CAC?s area of operations. 

Personnel Actions

2234 Huber Road, Second Floor, Room 203


Compassionate Reassignments

References: AR 614-200, Chapter 5, Section III

Compassionate actions are requests from individual Soldiers when personal problems exist.? There are two types of compassionate requests:

  • Temporary (resolvable within a year)
  • Not expected to be resolved within a year.

Soldiers may request compassionate reassignment from:

  • Within same OCONUS command

Requests include the following documents as appropriate:

  • DA Form 3739 (Application for Compassionate Actions)
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Marital
  • Other Documents


Name Changes

The addition, deletion, or correction of the spelling of names and corrections involving transposed names must be initiated by submitting a DA Form 4187 by the Soldier or the S1.? Required documents as applicable:

  • Marriage Certificate (copy).
  • Divorce Decree (stating married name to be returned to former name in court order) (copy).
  • Birth Record.
  • Additional Information


REFRADS and Unqualified Resignations

References: AR 600-8-24, Chapter 3 (Regular Army)

REFRADS and Unqualified Resignations requests will include the following documents:

  • Memo for unqualified resignation (RA) (Signed by officer).? (Not a? DA 4187)? (AR 600-8-24 Chapter 3).? Submitted not earlier than 12 months or less than 6 months prior to the requested separation date.
  • Memo signed or initialed by BN CDR.
  • Memo signed by BDE CDR (Counseling IAW AR 600-8-24, Section 1-13b).
  • ETP Memo if submitted less than 6 months prior to the requested separation date.?
  • Memo Victim of Sexual Assault (Soldier).
  • Memo Reserve Component Review Counseling.
  • ORB (RA).


Congressional inquiries

OCS/WOCS processing


OCONUS leave request

Medical extensions

Enlisted separations




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