Personnel Services Branch

Chief, Personnel Services Branch: 301-677-4749
Fax: 301-677-5603

Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Friday: Open 7:30 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in-processing ONLY (with exception of updating DD-93 and SGLV)
  • ALL OTHER PERSONNEL ACTIONS - Please contact our office at: 301-677-7502 / 5535 / 7749

SGLV 8286 and DA form 93 updates are the ONLY walk-in services available.

Available Services

In processing and out processing

Military Records

Personnel Actions


Student Records


Room 216

In-Processing Briefing (every Tuesday) 8:00 a.m., Room 011

Newly arrived soldiers attending will need:

1. Orders

2. In-processing and audit checklists (provided by unit)

3. Common Access Card (with working PIN)

4. Medical and Dental Records

5. Emilpo arrival transaction (provided by unit)


Out-Processing: Please contact your unit/S1 to schedule an appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Military Records

Room 216

  • Record Updates - Please contact your unit/S1 to schedule an appointment. NO Exceptions!
  • iPERMS Updates - S1 provides all necessary documents. All documents must be able to scan with Service Members social security numbers placed at the top of each document and accompanied with DA form 200. For last minute promotion board requirements, please contact the Chief of the Personnel Services Branch.
  • Update/Change to SGLV/DD93 - Walk-ins. Please refer to hours of operation above.



  • Room 219
  • Pre-separation briefing (2nd Wednesday) 1 p.m. Room 004
  • Prior to processing through the transition center, soldiers must attend a pre-separation briefing at least 90 to 120 days prior to separation


Personnel Actions

  • Room 218
  • Name Changes: S1 are responsible for submitting a DA form 4187 for any addition, deletion,correction, and/or transposed name changes. No exceptions. Required documents as applicable:

    1. Marriage certificate (copy)

    2. Divorce decree (stating married name to be returned to former name in court order) (copy).

    3. Birth Record

    4. ERB/ORB

    5. DA Form 200

  • REFRADS AND Unqualified Resignations will include the following documents:

    1. Memo for unqualified resignation (RA) (signed by officer). (DA 4187) Submitted not earlier than 12 months, but no later than 6 months prior to the requested separation date.

    2. Memo signed or initialed by BN CDR.

    3. Memor signed by BDE CDR (counseling IAW 600-8-24, Section 1-13b).

    4. ETP memo if submitted less than 6 months prior to requested separation date.

    5. Memo victim of sexual assault (soldier).

    6. Memo Reserve Component review counseling

    7. ORB (RA)

  • Congtressional inquiries
  • OCS/WOCS processing
  • OCONUS leave request
  • Medica extensions
  • Enlisted Separations
  • Compassional Reassignments
  • Awards - USA Garrison


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