Former Mortar Range

The former mortar range and training area is located in the west-central portion of Fort George G. Meade. The former range was first identified on a 1923 Special Military Map for Camp Meade as a 59-acre range. The former range also is shown on a 1924 War Game Map for Camp Meade, but does not appear on any maps after 1924, and no reference is made to it in historical documents. As presented in the site inspection and based on historical maps and evidence collected during the remedial inspection, the site was used as a mortar range beginning in the early 1920s (Malcolm Pirnie, 2006). Training was assumed to have ended in the 1940s based on munitions debris found during the remedial inspection.

The majority of the former range has been used as a golf course since 1956. A jogging trail is present along the western edge of the golf course. The northwestern portion of the site is Department of Defense property and is developed with buildings and associated paved surfaces (i.e., roadways, parking lots and walkways). As of early 2012, construction of additional DoD buildings began on the area that had been the golf course and jogging trail. As a result of this construction, the golf course and jogging trail have been permanently closed.