Nevada Avenue Study Area
(Off-Post Groundwater Investigation)

The U.S. Army at Fort George G. Meade has been conducting an investigation of groundwater in the Nevada Avenue area of Odenton, just east of Fort Meade.

The Army initially detected groundwater contamination in two monitoring wells on Fort Meade’s southeastern boundary. The Army tested nearby private drinking water wells in Odenton starting in 2009. During the 2009 testing, tetrachloroethene (PCE), a common dry cleaning fluid, was detected in private drinking water wells on Nevada Avenue at concentrations near or just exceeding the EPA drinking water maximum contaminant level (MCL). Other compounds were detected at levels below EPA’s standards.  The most recent investigation included sampling at three groundwater monitoring wells along Nevada Avenue, Berger Street, and Bluewater Boulevard and three private wells.

Based on this investigation, it is believed the source of contamination is located north-northwest of the Nevada Avenue private wells.  The Army, in consultation with EPA, MDE, and Anne Arundel County, has determined additional investigation is needed to determine if Fort Meade is the source of the Nevada Avenue contamination.
The Army is developing the specific scope, including actions and durations, which will be reviewed and approved by the stakeholders prior to implementation. The Army will continue to sample the private wells on Nevada Avenue and provide bottled water for properties associated with the investigation as the investigation proceeds.

Homes and businesses receiving their water from the public water supply (Anne Arundel County) are not impacted by the solvents found in the private wells.

Contact Information:
Fort Meade Public Affairs Office: 301-677-1361