Frequently Asked Questions about CYSS youth programs

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    What are youth programs at Fort Meade?

    Youth programs at Fort Meade are programs and activities designed especially for school age youth (K-12th grade). These programs include youth sports and fitness, SKIES Unlimited (instructional programs), School Age Care Program, and programs designed for middle and high school youth.


    Who are the points of contact for the Youth Programs at Fort Meade?

    Chief, CYS Services: Oversees all CYS Services Programs at Fort Meade: 301-677-4808, 4216 Roberts Avenue

    CYS Services Administrator: Oversees Youth Programs at Fort Meade: 301-677-7552, 4216 Roberts Avenue

    Facility Director, School Age Care Center: 301-677-1245, 1900 Reece Road

    Facility Director, Youth Center: 301-677-1437, 909 Ernie Pyle Road

    Assistant Facility Director, Teen Center: 301-677-6054, 3102 MacArthur Road

    Program Director, Youth Sports and Fitness: 301-677-1179, 1900 Reece Road

    Instructional Programs Specialist, SKIES Unlimited: 301-677-1196, 1900 Reece Road


    What is SKIES Unlimited?

    The name SKIES Unlimited combines the acronym for "School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills" with the word "Unlimited" for the unlimited learning possibilities for Army children and youth. SKIES Unlimited provides the framework or umbrella for all instructional programming in the CYS System worldwide. SKIES Unlimited encompasses instructional programs for children and youth from infancy through the end of their senior year in high school. Through SKIES Unlimited, children and youth in CYS Services Programs have equal access to opportunities that expand their knowledge, inspire and allow them to acquire new skills.


    What programs do you offer for teens seeking employment?

    Currently we offer the HIRED! Program, which is an Army CYS Services work-study apprenticeship program, for youth of our military community who are 15-18 years of age. The program runs for 12 weeks, four times per year with terms occurring during the fall, winter, spring and summer. The placement sites exist on Fort Meade. Once youths complete the application process, they are referred for an interview. Youth agree to work for 15 hours per week for 12 weeks. Youths are paired with a mentor at their work site, and upon successful completion of the apprenticeship term, youths receive a cash award. The program also requires youths complete workshops on workforce readiness, post-secondary education exploration and financial management as part of the application process and apprenticeship term. For more information, please contact the workforce preparation specialist at 301-677-1749.


    What is the philosophy of the Youth Sports Program?

    The Fort Meade CYS Services sports and fitness program provides a wide range of opportunities for participation in team sports and outdoor activities. The program emphasizes fun, fundamentals, maximum participation and physical conditioning rather than winning or losing. In compliance with the Boys and Girls Club of America, we inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. The program is expanding to provide support for children ages 3 to 18 years to encourage healthy, lifelong habits.


    What kind of activities are offered in the before and after school programs and is transportation provided?

    The School Age Care Center provides before school, after school and hourly care for children in grades K-5. Children are transported to and from Manor View, Pershing Hill, West Meade and Meade Heights elementary schools.

    SACC provides full day care on days when the schools are closed and offers a fun and exciting summer day camp from mid-June to late August, based on the Anne Arundel County Public Schools calendar. SACC has partnered with 4-H and Boys and Girls Club of America to offer activities and projects to enhance our curriculum and to enrich the experiences of the children in our programs. In addition to our clubs, we offer a variety of arts and crafts, self-help skills development, sports skills clinics, field trips, homework assistance and community service opportunities.

    Youth Center program provides before school, after school, hourly care, open recreation and summer day camp for youth in grades 6-8. Youth are transported to and from MacArthur and Meade middle schools. Before school programs are offered at a small cost to parents, while after school activities are free of charge. Like SACC, this program also is a proud partner of the Boys and Girls Club of America and 4H. Youth Center sponsors a variety of programs in four service areas: arts, recreation and leisure activities, academic support, mentoring and intervention.

    The Teen Center program provides after school programs for youth in grades 9-12. Transportation is not offered, but the center is located less than 300 yards from Meade High School. Like the Youth Center, the Teen Center offers four service areas: arts, recreation and leisure activities, academic support, mentoring and intervention.

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