Frequently Asked Questions about the Residential Communities Initiative Office

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    I have a concern about my housing. What should I do?

    First, please contact your neighborhood center to address your concerns with Picerne Military Housing staff.

    If you still have concerns, you can contact the Fort Meade Residential Communities Initiative liasion office at 301-677-7748. RCI is the Army's vehicle for improving the quality of life for military members and their families by working with their development partners to create quality, safe, attractive, and affordable housing and communities.

    Fort Meade and Picerne Military Housing are the partners of Meade Communities, LLC. The RCI liaison team represents both the Army and the residents in privatized military family housing. The responsibilities of the RCI liaison office is to be a link between Picerne Military Housing and the Army, aid in the transition of privatized military family housing into the Army culture and act as an ombudsman for military service members and their families who have unresolved concerns.

    The office also handles authorization of non-temporary storage, local moves, retirement or separation moves and provides off-post housing referrals.

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