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The Fort George G. Meade Museum was established to collect, preserve, study and exhibit historical artifacts pertaining to the history of Fort George G. Meade.  The Museum is dedicated "in proud memory of those members of the United States Army who died in the defense of Freedom".

Inside the museum, visitors will discover a wealth of historic artifacts, photographs, documents, and paintings.   Outside, on the beautifully landscaped Museum grounds, visitors can see historic military equipment including tanks, armored personnel carriers, a Nike "Ajax" missile, and a helicopter. 

Please use the menu on the left of this screen to visit all areas of this web site.  For example, under Exhibits, you will find photographs of Army equipment and clothing, photographs of Museum displays, and information on actors and entertainers who have been at Fort Meade.  Under Meade Timeline, you will find photographs representing specific timeframes in Fort Meade's unique history.  Under POWs, you will find information on the German and Italian soldiers who were imprisoned here during World War II.  Some of them died and were buried here. For a brief description of how photographs are processed and editied for this web site, please click here.

For a brief history of Fort George G. Meade, click here.

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