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3081 Ernie Pyle St. Fort Meade, Md. 20755
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Phone: 301-677-7748

Family HousingMeuse Forest

On-Post Privatized Housing - Corvias Military Living

Family Housing – Corvias Military Living

Apartments for Unaccompanied E5 and below – Reece Crossings

Areas of on-post housing privatized through the Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Program include family housing and an apartment community for E1 to E5 unaccompanied service members receiving Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

Fort Meade’s partner for privatized housing is Corvias Military Living.  Visit their website for information on housing availability, community centers and the monthly digital resident newsletter.

Residential Communities Initiative (RCI)

Through Congressional legislation, the Army created a program called Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) with the goal of improving quality of life for military families through housing communities. Through RCI, Fort Meade has created a long term relationship with Corvias Military Living over a fifty-year period.  The RCI Liaison Team represents the Army and the residents in privatized military family housing.  

The Responsibilities of the RCI Liaison Office are to:

    • Serve as a Liaison for Military Members and their families on unresolved concerns.
    • Act as a liaison between Corvias Military Living and the Army in business, financial and policy decisions
    • Provide authorization of Non-Temporary Storage, Local Moves & Retirement/ Separation Moves

Bachelor Housing

The Bachelor Housing Office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
6405 Simonds Street, Fort Meade, MD
Phone (301) 677-4783/2458

Bachelor Housing is now part of the First Sergeant's Barracks Initiative.  As a result, all unaccompanied military members of ranks E1-E5 should contact their Command for room assignment.

The Barracks Operations Branch, Housing Division oversees the operations, maintenance and repair for all unaccompanied housing assigned to Fort Meade.

Off-Post Housing

Location: 3081 Ernie Pyle St. Fort Meade, Md. 20755
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Phone: 301-677-7748

The Fort Meade Housing Services Office (HSO) assists Military Members, Federal Civilian employees, Military Retirees and their families with off post housing needs.

Incoming personnel can contact the office via email or phone ahead of time but are also encouraged to visit the office upon arrival.

Our Services...How We Can Help

    • Military Set-Aside / Rental Partnership Program
      · 5% reduced rent
      · Waive Application fees and security deposits
      · Rent paid through allotment
    • Local area information and area maps
    • Rental / Sales listings
    • Dispute Assistance
    • Inspections
    • Lease Reviews
    • Work stations with internet access
    • Referrals for Temporary Living options
      · Short Term Rentals
      · Long term hotels
    • Crime Search
      · Crimereport.com
      · Neighborhood Scout

How You Can Help Yourself...

Many people prefer to do their own research on their own or in conjunction with the information offered by the Fort Meade HSO.  For this group, the following websites may be helpful.

Military by Owner.com (this is for rent or sales)
Homes.com  (this is for rental or sales)
Homes Database  (this is for rent or sales)
Apartment Search (apartment search by CORT)
Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN - this is for rentals)

Basic Allowance for Housing

Be conscious of your financial situation when choosing a house. Remember that your house bills often extend outside of your rent to include renter’s insurance, phone, cable, water, utilities and others.

Please remember when looking for off-post housing that a lease is a legal binding document.  It is important to understand the terms of the lease, especially the lease-break process. In most leases, an on-post housing offer is not grounds to break a lease.

BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) Military members receive BAH based on duty zip and dependency status and is recalculated annually.

    • On post (privatized housing)
      · Pay in Arrears
      · Military members will pay the rent at the Fort Meade, with dependent rate for their rank
      · Dual Military couples will pay the with dependant rate for the higher ranking member.
    • Off post
      · Rent due at the beginning of the month
      · Military members may choose to pay more or less than their BAH
      · Regardless of rental amount, Military members will receive their entitled BAH







     $  1,584 .00

     $  2,031.00


     $  1,584.00

     $  2,031.00


     $  1,584.00

     $  2,031.00


     $  1,58400

     $  2,031.00


     $  1,824.00

     $  2,124.00


     $  1,953.00

     $  2,295.00


     $  2,037.00

     $  2,409.00


     $  2,160.00

     $  2,535.00


     $  2,211.00

     $  2,721.00


     $  1,998.00

     $  2,298.00


     $  2,157.00

     $  2,460.00


     $  2,217.00

     $  2,616.00


     $  2,325.00

     $  2,760.00


     $  2,439.00

     $  2,934.00


     $  2,124.00

     $  2,436.00


     $  2,199.00

     $  2,592.00


     $  2,295.00

     $  2,787.00


     $  1,941.00

     $  2,142.00


     $  2,094.00

     $  2,292.00


     $  2,232.00

     $  2,610.00


     $  2,424.00

     $  3,000.00


     $  2,496.00

     $  3,276.00


     $  2,616.00

     $  3,309.00


     $  2,667.00

     $  3,342.00



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