Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office

Building 4216 Roberts Avenue
3rd Floor
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755


  • Director: 301-677-2189
  • Evaluator: 301-677-2188


    Mission statement: Provide an independent, objective, assurance and consulting activity within the command, designed to add value and improve the command operations. Getting the right information to leaders in a timely manner is critical to effective decision making. Our objective is to provide commanders with a full range of review services that support decision makers and ensure effective operations and responsible stewardship.

    Vision statement: To be a team of highly professional evaluators who are the agents for risk assessment and management controls as well as the premier source for objective, timely and relevant information and strategies for achieving continuous organizational improvement and accountability.

    Values: Candor, service, integrity, and trust

    Campaign Plan: Three high level cross-cutting issues are reflected in every line of effort in the IMCOM Campaign Plan:

    • Resilience
    • Cost culture
    • Army Community Covenant/Partnerships

    The Internal Review Office is one of the mechanisms used for the second high level issue, cost culture. We are a tool to be used by all leaders to deliver value while eliminating fraud, waste and abuse in our processes.

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