Occupational Safety and Health Program (Workplace Safety - AR 385-10, Chapter 16)

This program prescribes policy and responsibility for implementation of the OSHA program mandated by Federal or state regulations and to reduce risk of accidental losses, injuries and occupational illness to the military and Army civilian workforce as required by EO 12196, 29 CFR 1960 and DODI 6055.1 The OSHA programs will be implemented in all Army operations CONUS and OCONUS with the exception of military unique operations as defined within regulations. Procedures for occupational or workplace safety are in DA PAM 385-10.

Reporting: To report a safety hazard call 301-677-2396 or email usarmy.meade.imcom.list.iso-org-users@mail.mil. Department of the Army form 4755 (Employee Report of Alleged Unsafe or Unhealthful Working Conditions) is provided for the assistance of any complaint and is not intended to constitute the exclusive means by which a complaint may be registered with the local Safety Office. (Reference OSHA Safety Poster on rights of employees and their representatives.

DoD Safety and Occupational Health Program: Review the DD form 2272.

SOHAC members shall:

  • Review safety suggestions.
  • Review accident reports and recommend corrective measures to prevent recurrence.
  • Review suspected unsafe or unhealthful working conditions and corrective measures.
  • Promote safety education within the organization.
  • Conduct periodic self-assessments in their areas of responsibility and coordinate with the organization's safety office.

SOHAC meets on the second Thursday of the first month of a new quarter at 1:30 p.m. at McGill Training Center, 8452 Zimborski Ave.

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