Fort Meade’s Lean Six Sigma Program

Office of the Secretary of the Army-Office of Business Transformation is now scheduling all LSS related classroom training for the Army. Classroom training is primarily for Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt courses. The Army Office of Business Transformation Lean Six Sigma Training Center website contains the Fiscal Year 2011 belt training schedule with all class locations and dates along with instructions for ATRRS course registration.

TDY funding

IMCOM HQ is no longer centrally funding travel expenses for LSS training. Regions and garrisons should project their LSS belt training sustainment requirements and program TDY expenses into their budget preparation. Organizations should refer to the DA LSS Guidebook version 5, section 3 for guidance on mission analysis and capabilities requirements.

Green Belt training

Green Belt training consists of the two week standard training curriculum. This curriculum is conducted in two one-week sessions. Green Belts apply LSS to their daily work environments by driving improvements within their facility, department or natural work group. Although less intensive than Black Belt training, the process of becoming an Army certified GB requires time and hard work. The goal of a GB is to eliminate waste and reduce variation in the processes surrounding them. It is required that candidates complete a GB certification project. In addition, it is not uncommon for GBs to be part of a Black Belt project team.

Black Belt training

Black Belt Training consists of the four week standard training curriculum. This curriculum is conducted in four one-week sessions. Black Belts are trained, certified, and committed process improvement leaders who work on large-scale and often cross organizational process improvements. Becoming an Army certified BB requires time, dedication and a commitment to making better that which we already have. Elimination of waste and reduction of variation are at the very core of what it means to be a BB. In essence, BBs are the driving force behind positive process change. Becoming a certified BB requires a significant commitment increase from that which is required at the GB level. It is required that candidates complete a BB certification project. In addition, it is expected for BBs to train and mentor GBs.

Project sponsor training

Project sponsor training focuses on leadership skills to support the identification and execution of LSS projects. Project sponsors are the functional Business Process owners, usually directors or division chiefs, on the garrison. The project sponsor curriculum training (slide presentation format) can be obtained by contacting Fort Meade LSS deputy deployment director located in Plans Analysis and Integration Office.

Resource manager training

Resource manager training consists of an online module located on the Army Office of Business Transformation Lean Six Sigma Training Center website. The role of RM for LSS projects consists of determining the type of financial benefit (savings, cost avoidance or revenue generation) the project is expected to generate and developing cost estimates for the project that identify the baseline process cost, revised process cost and implementation cost. For a revenue generation project, developing estimates that identify the baseline revenue generation, revised revenue generation and implementation; identifying the information, data sources and approach that will be used to develop cost and revenue estimates; developing and maintaining supporting documentation that shows how the cost estimate was developed; ensuring that financial data are entered into the PowerSteering software in an accurate and timely manner; and monitoring implementation to determine whether projected financial benefits are being achieved and developing corrective actions, as necessary.

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