Employee Innovative Program

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The Plans, Analysis and Integration Office (PAIO), created the Employee Innovation Program (EIP) to provide/offer employees an avenue for suggesting new and improved ways of doing business on the installation.  The program is designed so that innovations can be submitted and implemented in as little as 30 days.  It is not a suggestion drop box.  Innovations will be evaluated and employees can expect to receive feedback within 2 weeks.  This program seeks to “build an innovative culture one idea at a time.”

The purpose of EIP is to increase productivity and improve quality services while reducing costs, waste, and accidents through the efforts of motivated garrison employees devoted to change through new and innovative ways of doing business.  Employees may offer ideas to improve present policy, processes, and protection of life during the routine conduct of their daily business.  This local program promotes innovation at the garrison level in a quick and efficient manner; creating an environment that encourages employees to discover creative and practical solutions leading to tangible savings and improved services contributing to continued process improvement on Fort Meade.

The EIP is not part of the Army Suggestion Program (ASP) which is suspended IAW Department of the Army memorandum (Suspension of the Army Suggestion Program), 19 April 2013.  The Employee Innovation Program is governed by the Plans, Analysis and Integration Office (PAIO) on behalf of the Commander, U.S. Army Garrison, Fort George G. Meade.  The authority to recognize accomplishments and fund awards is limited by the suspension of the Army Suggestion Program and will not include ANY monetary awards.  However, employees may receive local recognition when approved by their supervisor.

Use the Innovation Submission Form (Adobe Reader required) to submit suggestions/ideas.

Eligibility:  All Non-Appropriated Fund, Appropriated Fund, and military garrison employees can submit an innovation/suggestion individually or as a team.