Interactive Customer Evaluation

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Interactive Customer Evaluation is to provide all installation tenants with a common operating picture of the Interactive Customer Evaluation.

The Interactive Customer Evaluation system is a web-based tool that collects feedback on services provided by various organizations throughout the Department of Defense. This tool allows customers to submit online comment cards to rate the service providers they have encountered at military installations and related facilities around the world.  It is designed to improve customer service by allowing managers to monitor the satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels of services provided through reports and customer comments.

PAIO responsibilities as ICE managers are to act as primary interface between organization and the ICE User Support Team, provide training and/or supplemental materials to service provider managers and reports managers (all levels), on the use of the ICE comment card system, implement a marketing plan to employ local use of ICE system, monitor, review and respond to site comments for organization's ICE site, review site manager reports to determine trends, identify problem areas, and to provide information to others.