U.S. Army Garrison

Fort Meade Garrison HeadquartersFort Meade’s structure is provided by the U.S. Army Installation Management Command which oversees all facets of installation operations to include construction, family care, food management, environmental programs, morale and well­being programs, public works, and installation funding. The Military District of Washington provides the installations within its region real time guidance, direction, and resources, and responds to installation management requirements.

Fort Meade mirrors the visions of both IMCOM and MDW in order to ensure quality of life for those who live, work and play on the installation. Improving every­day life for the community and customers of Fort Meade is critical to providing a safe and secure environment. The installation is constantly improving its installation infrastructure and facilities, technology and environment to meet expanding mission requirements.

Installation Management Command

The Installation Management Command, a single organization headquartered in San Antonio, with six regional offices worldwide, was implemented to reduce bureaucracy and apply a uniform business structure to manage U.S. Army installations.

IMCOM was launched to meet a number of objectives: implement a standardization process so that Soldiers and families can count on quality, consistent and uniform services at all installations; streamline how installations receive money and ensure installation funds are used for installation services (as opposed to combat training or other missions); relieve warfighters and mission commanders of installation­related tasks so that they can focus on combat training and tactical­related issues; and support mission­readiness and execution.



Military District of Washington

The Military District of Washington is a leadership ex­tension of the Installation Management Command and provides real­time guidance, direction and assistance to Army garrisons located in the region.

The mission of the regional office is to guide, direct, en­able and oversee assigned garrisons, assess and convey resource requirements to IMCOM, and respond to installation management requirements. MDW also acts as a command and control headquarters relative to all base operations, functions, contingency operations and crisis management operations. MDW reviews and oversees resource allocations, interfaces with major commands and other services and implements IMCOM policies and programs. MDW also interact with Congressional delegations when necessary.

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