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Pursuant to Army Regulation 27-20, the mission of the Fort Meade Claims Division is to process, investigate, adjudicate and negotiate the settlement of non-contractual claims on behalf of and against the Army filed at Fort Meade.  As shown below, these types of claims include, tort claims, affirmative claims and Article 139 Claims.  We provide general advice regarding personnel claims.

If you are unsure whether your claim can be processed by this office, feel free to contact us at 301-677-9898.  Please remember that we cannot assist anyone in filing a claim against the government, but we can give you the necessary forms to fill out.

Our Service

The 4 most common types of claims our office handles or provides general advice on:

  • Personnel Claims: Since July 5, 2017, U.S. Army installation claims offices no longer process and adjudicate personnel claims (household goods, POV shipments, and incident to service claims). The U.S. Army Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS) was established as the centralized processing and adjudication center for all Army claims and is located at Fort Knox, Kentucky.
  • Personnel claims include claims for damage to household goods and privately owned  vehicles during PCS shipment, or damage to personal property while stored at government expense. Personnel claims also include los or damage to personal property located in government quarters or other authorized locations, caused by events such as storms, floods or power outages.  Soldiers and DA civilian employees are eligible to file personnel claims under certain circumstances.  The new CPCS now processes all claims of Soldiers and DA civilian employees in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
  • Soldiers and their family members, and DA civilian employees filing for household goods damaged or lost during a PCS move must give notice of their intent to file a claim by providing the transportation service provider (TSP) the pink form (DD Form 1840/1840R, entitled, "Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery/Notice of Loss and/or Damage") within 75 days from the date of delivery.  Once notice is given, if you intend to file a claim, you must file a complete claim with the TSP (including information on damaged items, origianal purchase price, repair estimates, and replacement costs) within 9 months from the date of delivery.
  • If the TSP does not act on the claim, or is unable to reach a reasonable settlement with you, you may file those clais on-line and electronically submit required documents, to the CPCS at Call the CPCS at (502) 626-3000 or DSN 526-3000 with questions.  You may also contact CPCS by email at

  • Tort Claims: These are administrative claims made by anyone against the United States Government for loss or damage caused by negligent act or omission by a government employee acting in the scope of his or her employment. These claims can be filed under either the Federal Tort Claims Act or the Military Claims Act.
  • Affirmative Claims: Pursuant to the Federal Medical Care Recovery Act, these are claims brought against third parties who have injured military personnel and/or their dependents due to their negligence.  The purpose of these claims is to help the Government recover the cost of the medical treatments provided to Soldiers or their dependents at either a medical treatment facility or a civilian hospital using TRICARE. 
  • Article 139 Claims: These are administrative claims made against military personnel for the loss of, or damage to, real or personal property that was willfully damaged or wrongfully taken.  All claims under this chapter must be presented to an Army claims office within 90 days of the incident. Please note that many types of claims—such as subrogated claims, debt collection, or death or personal injury—are not covered by Article 139. For more information about Article 139 claims, please click here.

Claims Packets & Support Forms

Affirmative Claims Packet (Statement of Incident)

Attorney Agreement

Article 33 (Hurricane Season)



POVs and electronic items

  • Claims involving electronic items or a shipped POV can be tricky. Understandably, many of our clients are unfamiliar with the additional issues involved with filing these types of claims. For example, certain types of damage to an electronic item should be filed as an "unusual occurrence," while other types of damage to an electronic item should be filed as a standard household good claim. Additionally, before even starting the claims process, people who are shipping or storing their POV's or electronic items should take several preventive actions on their own behalf.

  • Our office has prepared two information papers that further explain some of the issues associated with these types of claims. For more information over claims related to shipped POV's, please click here. For more information about claims related to electronic items, please click here.

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